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All  package prices are reflective of a complete tuxedo rental with pants, jacket, shirt, vest, tie, studs & cuff-links, suspenders and a matching hankie.  Tuxedo Den does not charge for damage waivers or other rental “fees”.  All rentals are for sizes to 52.   All sizes 54 and above will be an additional $20 upcharge.

Slim Fit Gold Package $159.99

Regular package prices $229.99-$70.00=$159.99

Included in this package
This package includes the 195 Slim fit Eric Lawrence 2 Button notch black, 196 Slim Fit Eric Lawrence 2 Button Notch black, 197 Eric Lawrence Shawl Slim Fit.

Platinum Designer Slim package $189.99

Regular package prices from $259.99-$70.00=$189.99
Included in this package
This package includes the all the designers from Micheal Kors, Ike Behr, Clavin Klein, Ralph Lauren and More

Shoe rentals are the only add on item we have.  Shoe rentals are $10-$15.

Do not wait till your date gets a dress to match your colors.   You can always do that later and add it to you rental as close as 2 weeks prior to the prom.

Please note Slim fit and Trim fit are the same fit type just worded differently.   Skinny fit styles available in the 1209S and 1007S.

We size everyone in fitting coats in the same style as ordered to assure a proper fit.  When initial fittings are done we have each person try on a pair or pants, coat, shoes and a vest for sizing purposes to minimize alterations.  If you wish to try on a complete out fit in the same style and type you are renting this is a separate service and is based on availability.

Try on out fits available from June 15th to March 30th for a service charge of $50 per tuxedo style ordered.

All Tuxedo Rentals are Due back the next day after rental without exception. If not there is a $40 per day rental fee automatically applied.

All rental periods are from Thursday to Sunday. Rentals for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are considered a mid week rental and restrictions or other fees may apply.

I’m going to Prom. Whats the next step?

Now that you have decided to go to Prom, asked your date, gotten your Prom Bid, decided on the limo and what you are going to do after.  Now you have to decide what your going to wear.

At this point we suggest that you take the time and consider how you are going to want to look for the big night. You are probably going to want to match to your date. That is a great idea. However do not wait for you date to tell you what color he or she is wearing. You know you are going to want to match and that is something we can handle here at Tuxedo Den.

The first big mistake is waiting on that color to come in and get your tuxedo rental. DON’T! We highly recommend you get your tuxedo picked out and measured for it as soon as possible. Why? If you wait to pick it all out at once you may not get the tuxedo you would like because it might be all booked out. You can always go back later to choose the vest and tie and the colors to match your date.

The great thing about formal wear is that you can mix and match anything at anytime without making the wrong choice.

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