If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. If you wish to set up an appointment feel free to let us know when is best for you.

Schedules, pick-ups, returns & Trying on

Pick up schedule:
All tuxedo rentals will be ready for pick up as early as Tuesday the week of your prom.  Please look at the top of your rental ticket to see what day of the week you are scheduled. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 732-414-1281.

Wednesday    10-7pm

Thursday       10-7pm

Friday            10-4 pm

Return day examples:

Friday Prom return Saturday       10-3pm

Saturday Prom Return Sunday    10-3pm

Sunday Prom Return Monday     10-6pm

When should I try on my tuxedo:

We recommend as soon as you get home.    When your initial fittings were done we have each person try on a pair or pants, coat, shoes and a vest in the the style type you choose for your rental for sizing purposes as an advanced try on.  We size everyone in fitting coats in the same style as ordered to assure a proper fit when you initial come in to pick out and book your tuxedo rental. We do this to avoid very long waits on the the day you come in to pick up your tuxedo rental for the prom.  Since we spend so much time on your initial fitting this minimizes the wait for everyone.   There are no exceptions to our pick up process for proms.

After you pick up your tuxedo rental we recommend that you try on your tuxedo as soon as you get home as a precautionary measure.   If something does not fit or feel quite right please either come right back to the shop or call us so we can best decide how to get you what you need.

If you wish to try on a complete out fit in the same style and type you are renting this is a separate service and is based on availability.  Try on out fits available from June 15th to March 30th for a service charge of $50 per tuxedo style and is not applied toward the cost of your rental.  Again this is a separate service we offer.  Please ask a sales person about setting up an appointment.

Returning my tux after prom night.

As listed above all tuxedo rentals are scheduled to be returned the day after the prom. If you return your rental late there is a $40 per day rental late fee for everyday you keep it after. So make sure you schedule accordingly. If you are unable to return the rental yourself then make arrangements for a family member or a friend to return it for you to avoid any additional fees. It will be your responsibility to get the rental back to us on time. Please refer to the schedule above.

Please note we should have all tuxedo rentals finished by Tuesday that week of the prom. You may pick up your tuxedo rental early and take it home if you wish.

When you come in and get your rental we will schedule you for either a Tuesday Wednesday or a Thursday pick up. You will not be able to try on your tuxedo rentals in store on those days. However when you pick up your rental and try it on at home. If you have no problems then enjoy the prom and we will see you on Saturday for your return.   If there is a concern do not call just come right back and we will address your problems. We can address and correct your concerns or problems that day.

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What is a Damage Waiver?

The damage waiver is not insurance but gives the renter the ability to rent the item without the worry of any stains or general rental damage may occur during normal use. The main thing to remember is that you are covered for just about anything just don’t go jumping in the fountain. Water is the enemy and will damage the tuxedo beyond repair.  So just keep in mind NO SWIMMING! Also missing items are not covered.  You do not have to accept no charge option on the rental. However keep in mind that we will inspect the rental upon the return and if there is any damage such as pulls on the vest or excessive stains then you will be charged for the replacement or the repair of the item.

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What happens if my son forgets to bring his tuxedo back and he went to wildwood or away for the weekend?

He will be billed $40 per day for every day his rental is late from his scheduled return. Just be sure to make arrangements with him before he goes to the prom to leave the tuxedo at home or with someone to return it for him after the prom.

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What happens if i loose something from my tuxedo rental?

If an item is lost then you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the item. This is a rare instance. However please note that we would much rather you return everything else then return what you have late and incur late rental charges. However please know that if you lose a stud or a cufflink we will not charge you for these items unless they are all missing. We understand that they are small and sometimes fall out and get lost.  Lost or missing items will be billed upon receipt of the rental return for the replacement cost of the items you are returning.   If the item is found you have 30 day to return the item for a full refund.   Item replacement costs can be provided upon request.   There is a posting of replacement items in our showroom.

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Do i have to pay for the full rental when i first come in to pick it out?

No. We only require a $40 down payment on the tuxedo rental at the time of booking. We will accept the balance of payment at the time you pick it up. We also require a Credit card on file for the tuxedo rental in case you incur any late fees or lose any items.

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What if i have two proms. How much will it cost and what does it include?

If you have two proms you have two choices. If your prom is back-to-back weekends then then we suggest our tuxedo purchase. If you do rent for both weekends you will need to return your rental and pick up a fresh one for the following weekend.   There is no discount for an additional weekends rental.

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Why is a credit card needed for my rental?

We require a credit card to be on file with all tuxedo rentals to ensure that any additional fees, if any, are charged accordingly. i.e. Late returns, lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear.The credit card does not have to be used for payment of the rental. Tuxedo rentals will not be issued without a credit card being on file.

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What payment types are accepted at tuxedo den?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Debt and cash only. We do not accept American Express or Checks.

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